Puppy Love

Puppy Love
My new puppy Rory and I summer 2011

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The COOLEST tool for school

I found the tool  Wiggio very interesting and useful to use inside the classroom.  I think it is extememly creative and I believe children who use this tool will find it very helpful. The tool is mainly focused on groups of students working on an assignment such as an essay or research paper together.  This tool allows each team member to create an account where you can upload documents and work together online.   The tool also allows the group to chat, assign tasks and also track recent history of work that each team member did. Wiggio also makes it simple to create to-do lists for the group to follow and manage the group with a shared calander.  I think Wiggio would be very convienient to use in large groups of people who want to collaborate together but may not be able to meet in person.  I love the app that enables you to send mass text/voice messages to your group mates and also hold conference calls. This tool stops any one group member from feeling like they have to do all the work because every member has equal access to the site. This is a very cool tool to use and I definitly see myself using it in the future.

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