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Puppy Love
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Head Start programs compete for funding

                 A current issue in the field of education is starting with the attempt to better Head Start preschool services for poor children. Obama stated last year that programs that were not up to the new federal quality standards would soon have to compete with other potential providers for funding instead of just qualifying for it.   article on funding of Head Start programs


           Head Start's Federal Office stated that only 132 of about 1,600 local providers of Head Start programs actually met the standards.  Now in place are "school-readiness goals" that include things like progress in literacy development to the child's physical well being.  Some argue that this process will only benefit the schools in that it will clear out the low performers and overall better the quality of these Head Start preschools. Others say that this is just punishing schools who have  broken some rules instead of seeking out the actual programs that aren't performing up to par. A problem with this process is that it seems one human error can put these programs on the list of poorly performing schools.  A positive of this process is that it is simply raising the bar and demanding that these Head Start schools are nothing but productive.

          If this issue is ignored, Head Start programs that may have made very small mistakes could be punished and not receive the funding they may deserve. If a program even makes a small mistake they may not be   On the other hand, this current issue may cause these programs to better themselves.  As much tension there is about the subject people seem to agree for the most part that if your program isn't providing high quality services then it is only right to have to compete for funding.   This will most likely create some tension and instill some initiative in the teachers to better their programs so that they are able to compete with the other schools.

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