Puppy Love

Puppy Love
My new puppy Rory and I summer 2011

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The overall idea of Open Educational Recourses is AWESOME. I love that it is giving FREE access to important and reliable information.  I really like that it gives teachers the opportunity to move outside their comfort zones and try something new.  OERs allow teachers who may not be so creative to do something fun in their classroom because they saw that another teacher did it in their classroom.  OERs give free access to information that will help not only the students grow but also the teachers.  The  most positive thing about OERs is that they are free and everyone has access to them.  I worry somewhat however that some teachers may take advantage of this and simply use this in their classroom daily.

                                                                      I believe that OERs have nothing but good intentions but my worry is that it may lead to laziness.  If teachers used OERs only in moderation then this tool  is wonderful. I really like that it allows teachers from all over to collaborate and share knowledge.   I will most definitely be using OERs in my classroom, weather it be to share information to other teachers or use a texbook in my classroom. Students who use OERs will benefit because they are completely free and extremely easy to access.  OERs are an awesome tool that I didn't know much about but that I now look forward to using in the future.

Below are some awesome OER websites!
  Scope them out, their FREE:)

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