Puppy Love

Puppy Love
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exploring PowerPoint

         In Sedu183 we were instructed to create a PowerPoint project in which we would instruct a lesson to the grade level of our choice.  I made my PowerPoint for a 3rd grade class focusing on science.  The lesson was on determining the difference between fact and opinion.  I really enjoyed this project because I already had a basic understanding of PPT before begining.

         The hardest part for me was deciding what to make my PowerPoint about.  The website PA EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS really helped me determine what I would make my lesson about. This website states the standards for each grade level and subject. I found the website extremely helpful. After picking my subject and topic the rest was pretty much just messing around and figuring out what looks good.  I loved learning how to embed videos and make effects to my text. At first I was unsure about this project and did not understand fully what I was required to do but after jumping into it I really enjoyed the experience. This project taught me not only about the tools in PPT but also how to create a lesson for 3rd grade students.  Presenting the PPT also was helpful because it allowed you to share your lesson with others and receive feedback.

      PowerPoint is a very useful tool to use in the classroom and I really liked being pushed to use the program.    Overall, I gained alot of knowledge from doing this assignment both inside PowerPoint and inside the classroom. I know that this assignment will become useful to me in the future.

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