Puppy Love

Puppy Love
My new puppy Rory and I summer 2011

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tweet Tweet

     In Sedu183 we were instructed to create a twitter account.  I am the first one to bash twitter whenever the opportunity presents itself that is, until the other day when I made my own twitter.  After playing around on the site I am seeing the potential benefits of using twitter rise to the surface.  I really like the "retweet" idea and have already given that a shot.  I like that aside from facebook it is easy to find people intrested in the same field as you, like education for example.  I am already following a few educators and I am learning more and more about twitter everyday.  I am still a little unsure about the site but I intend to stick it out and make the best of it. I definitly see how using this tool in the classroom could be benificial and I hope to learn more about twitter to maybe use in my own classroom someday!

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